CDM-rail? What's that?

A drawing software for model railway layouts.

Yet another one!

The on-screen layout sketch exactly matches the real layout

So what? Like all others. Is that all?

Not at all . In addition to layout drawing, it allows to create consists, and simulate their traffic, in real time. With this function, no more bad surprise when running the real (physical) layout.
Click on next picture to start the simulation video (about 6 minutes).


Fair enough. Anything else?

As soon as the layout has been sketched OK, and validated by simulations, CDM-rail is able, on top of it,
to drive the physical layout in real time, using digital control (DCC).

Here are some examples:


Really not bad, but I imagine it costs a lot?

As a matter of fact, no: it's a freeware, in constant evolution.

And how can I have more information?

First of all, have a look at the overview of main features.

In a second phase, step through the detailed documentation.

How about experience sharing and software support? Is there any kind of community around CDM-Rail?

Yes, this is the goal of "CDM-Rail Forum". Don't hesitate to join us.

Enjoy the visit!